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Surplus/Refurb & Rental/Loaner

Delta Automation has a diverse inventory of VFDs that have been repaired, refurbished, tested and are ready for use. This inventory is constantly changing as units are moving in and out. Please call for availability of a unit.

These VFDs can be utilized as temporary substitutes for most any VFD in an emergency situation while awaiting a new replacement, or they can be installed as low cost replacement for a failed VFD.

Additionally, these VFDs may be rented, for example, to use in testing a new application etc.
If purchased, these VFDs carry a 6 month warranty.

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Sales/Service Line Card

Sales/Service Line card

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Delta Automation - The Leader in VFDs, PLCs, and Motors & Controls 

Located in Richmond Virginia, Delta Automation is an Industry Leader in Industrial Electronics Remanufacturing (depot type repair), On-Site Field Service, New Equipment Sales, and Mature Equipment Sales. Our focus is on Programmable Controllers (PLCs), Drives (VFDs), Control Screens (HMIs) and Peripheral Hardware Support (to include, Software & Firmware). With over 50 years of Repair and Support, we proudly offer our services.

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