We recently had a new client call us with two 3240 drive controllers that needed repair. His production was disabled and he needed at least one of them turned around in 24 hours. His units arrived the next day and we repaired one immediately making sure it functioned with our test application.

3240 Controller
The 3240 Delta diagnosed the problem, tested the repaired drive with the client’s software and shipped it back to get a clients production line back up and running

The client, however, had special software with which he programmed these units for his application and we needed to make sure the communication between a laptop and the controller could be accomplished using this software. After receiving a copy of the software and his application program, we loaded it onto our computer and fully tested the controller. We left his program in the unit and shipped it back out to the client, who installed it and was back in production. The following day the client called us to thank us for the excellent service. He said that we asked the right questions, kept him informed, and did what we said we would do. He also said that he had never had a good experience with third-party repair companies—until now.