Modbus Plus Network Tester DA-MBP-100


Delta Automation Inc. has developed a unique Modbus Plus Network Tester. The DA-MBP-100 is essential for all users of Modbus Plus Networks. If you suspect that you are having network problems or errors, this device will quickly help to confirm the networks’ integrity. No more lost time troubleshooting a network that is functioning. You will get an instant result for a Go/No-Go type of test.



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There are troubleshooting guidelines and tips to use the DA-MBP-100 to help locate most problems that are identified. This hand held, low cost, and simple to use unit will benefit all who have ever struggled to determine whether a problem is a node problem or a network problem. The DA-MBP-100 may be utilized on an as-needed basis or added to each segment of a network for use as a permanent test station. This time saving unit comes with instructions troubleshooting hints, and two test plugs. A carrying case is included.

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