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Modicon PLCs and equipment is a specialty of ours. Our company founder was employed by Modicon/Gould for 17 years as a System Specialist. We are the “go to people” for any Modicon part, repair or system issue that you may be in need of for your system. On-site service or component level repairs, we fill the need.

All repairs are burned-in using functional test stands consisting of real PLC systems

Delta Automation, Inc. has expertise with compatibility of “hot stand-by system” board combinations

Extensive load testing and burn-in capabilities

Upgrade to the latest firmware is available when requested

A 7- 10 day turn around on most faulty units

Remote I/O Termination Kits:

Delta Automation Inc. has designed a kit for servicing the cables in a remote I/O system. These kits contain all of the needed parts and tools to properly prepare and terminate coaxial cables. Included are: a stripping tool, compression tool, marker, properly sized connectors, installation tool and detailed instructions all in one convenient carrying case. These kits are made to service RG-6 type cable, and RG-11 type cable, and are equipped with tools for both types of cables.

DA-RIOC-KIT Combination kit for RG-6 and RG-11 Types of cable

Modbus Plus Network Tester:

Delta Automation Inc. has developed a unique Modbus Plus Network Tester. The DA-MBP-100 is essential for all users of Modbus Plus Networks. If you suspect that you are having network problems or errors, this device will quickly help to confirm the networks’ integrity. No more lost time troubleshooting a network that is functioning. You will get an instant result for a Go/No-Go type of test.

There are troubleshooting guidelines and tips to use the DA-MBP-100 to help locate most problems that are identified. This hand held, low cost, and simple to use unit will benefit all who have ever struggled to determine whether a problem is a node problem or a network problem.                      The DA-MBP-100 may be utilized on an as-needed basis or added to each segment of a network for use as a permanent test station. This time saving unit comes with instructions troubleshooting hints, and two test plugs. A carrying case is included.


Delta Automation Inc. manufactures all types of cables utilized in industrial applications. Communication cables, motor/resolver cables, Remote I/O drop cables, Remote I/O Hot standby cables, and pre-assembled Modbus Plus taps with drop cables are always in stock.

Order these cables by the manufacturers’ number or specify a special assembly.

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Delta Automation - The Leader in VFDs, PLCs, and Motors & Controls 

Located in Richmond Virginia, Delta Automation is an Industry Leader in Industrial Electronics Remanufacturing (depot type repair), On-Site Field Service, New Equipment Sales, and Mature Equipment Sales. Our focus is on Programmable Controllers (PLCs), Drives (VFDs), Control Screens (HMIs) and Peripheral Hardware Support (to include, Software & Firmware). With over 50 years of Repair and Support, we proudly offer our services.

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