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System Requirements:

Intel® Pentium® Processor
Microsoft® Windows
128 MB RAM
Graphic adaptor 800 x 600 pixel

  • Failure diagnosiss
  • Long term recording
  • Cycle-time optimization
  • Installation/Service
  • System documentation Training
  • External measured values via USB

PLC Logic analysis in no time!

Diagnostic For Process Automation & PLC Control Technology:


Allen – Bradley – Bosch – GE – Fanuc – Modicon – Omron – Schneider – Siemens

PLC-ANALYZER pro 5 is a software system for logic analysis and acquisition of recorded data on PLC controlled facilities. Acquisition, representation, and evaluation of PLC signals such as inputs, outputs, flags, data words, etc. is now very easy. Online display makes possible observation of the signal waveform in real time. In addition to long term recording, trigger conditions can be specified for the acquisition of particular events. This allows rarely occurring sporadic errors to be recorded for later analysis. In contrast to traditional logic analyzers.

PLC-ANALYZER pro 5 has the decisive advantage of recording process data through standardized PLC interfaces (e.g. Modbus), or by an automation network (Modbus Plus or Industrial Ethernet). A computer that is connected for the purpose of programming the PLC can be used for recording process data without any hardware modifications. The tiresome process of hooking up monitoring cables is now a thing of the past. Cycle-precise recording is attractive because of the complete acquisition of measured values in each PLC cycle.

By using the measurement interface AD_USB-Box® external voltage and current signals, which are not available in the PLC, can also be recorded. Project files make it possible to automate frequently recurring acquisition sessions for various facilities. Together with the terraLink remote maintenance system, data can be acquired at every PLC directly from PLC-ANALYZER pro 5 over the public telephone network. For integration in a switchgear case AUTEM offers the BLACKBOX ultra-compact Mini-PC for long-term PLC process data recording.

PLC ANALYZER pro 5 is an indispensable tool for PLC software development, construction, installation, technical service and training. AUTEM offers an inexpensive licensing model with primary and additional licenses for one or more than one workstation.

PLC Drivers

      SIMATIC S7
      Industrial Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Allen Bradley Control Logix
    PLC/SLC RS232/DH+/DH485
  • Allen Bradley Control Logix
    Ethernet TCP/IP


  • GE Fanuc series 90/VersaMax/Nano/Micro
  • Schneider TSX, Quantum/Modicon 984 Modbus Plus
  • Schneider TSX, Quantum/Modicon 984 Modbus TCP/IP
  • Schneider TSX, Quantum/Modicon 984 Modbus
  • Schneider TSX Premium/Micro/Nano XWAY TCP/IP
  •  Schneider AEG TSX A250/A120
  • Beckoff Twincat I/O
  • AD_USB-Box

Utilizes Existing PLC Connection to Communicate!

Logic Analysis

  • System Analysis
  • Failure Diagnosis
  • Facility optimization
  • Signal file comparison
  • Data acquisition

Fields of Applications

  • Failure diagnosis in PLC systems
  • Detecting and localizing of sporadic errors
  • Analysis and optimization/cycle time reduction
  • Long tern recording of measured values
  • Documentation & support of
  • Installation, maintenance and construction
  • PLC Logic analysis in no time

Technical Features

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  • Data acquisition through the programming unit interface of the PLC, or through the automation network.
  • Acquisition of input, output, flag, counter, timer, data word, data block, etc.
  • Signal display in bit, byte, word and double-word formats.
  • Creating of pseudo signals.
  • Adding of additional addresses or trigger conditions while recording.
  • Simultaneous acquisition on several PLC systems.
  • Software solution, no additional hardware necessary.
  • Modification of PLC program not necessary
  • Cycle precise acquisition for SIMATIC-PLCs.
  • Storage of the signal waveform on hard disk.
  • Trigger-controlled signal file creation or long-term recording.
  • Time controlled signal recording.
  • Online signal display.
  • Comfortable definition of triggers by Drag & Drop.
  • Substantial trigger features with AND/OR logic and cascading.
  • Pretrigger and Post trigger time can be set by user.
  • Start and Stop trigger.
  • Trigger on binary values and register values.
  • Automatic alarm in case of trigger event (E-mail, sms or acoustic plc analyzer pro 5 announcement)
  • Comparison of signals
  • Search for trigger, edge, bit pattern, time and notices parallel in more than one signal file.
  • Measuring of periods of time and measuring of bits.
  • Relative and absolute data time.
  • Flexible register scaling and conversion to physical units.
  • Use of symbolic address names and commentaries of the PLC programming software.
  • Project files for pre-configuring and automating data acquisition runs.
  • Print/storage of complete project settings for documentation or test sequence and measurements.
  • S7-PLCSIM supporting
  • Printing of signal files
  • Export from signal files as image format, text or HTML file.
  • Import of measured values in text format.
  • Multilingual.
  • AD-USB-Box®: Recording of external voltages and current signals possible, connection via USB-port.
  • BLACKBOX: ultra compact Mini-PC for installation in a switch gear cabinet, long-term recording of measured values over several years.

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