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AC Motors

Delta Automation sells WEG AC motors. These motors are manufactured to the strictest modern standards. All of their motors are VFD rated and have the highest efficiency ratings currently available. Additionally they are quieter, as the video above illistrates.

Modicon Servos:

Delta Automation, Inc. is an authorized sales and service channel for the I²T (Integrated Industrial Technologies, Inc.) line of servos and motion products. These products are applicable to all industrial motion applications and have the unique ability to replace most of the aging Modicon servo products (Cyberline) with little or no redesign effort. Additionally, Delta Automaton Inc. does component level repairs and exchanges on the Modicon motion products, such as the Cyberline, 3220, 3240, TR130/132 and 410’s.

When seeking a repair or exchange on these mature Modicon servo systems, ask for a quotation on replacing these devices with an up to date I²T system!

Servo Motors:

Delta Automation Inc. has the ability to service, repair, and or sell new with an exact factory replacement motor sold and used with the Modicon, AEG and Gould servo systems. These included the Cyberline, 3220, 3240, 410, 2000 and the BMOT servo systems.
Motor part numbers associated with these “CG” series units begin with: 120, 121, S or r.

  • Servo motors, please check our parts list under “Gettys Motors” for a complete listing.
  • AC motors, please check our parts list under “WEG motors” for a complete listing.
  • Pick up and delivery is available within our local area
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Located in Richmond Virginia, Delta Automation is an Industry Leader in Industrial Electronics Remanufacturing (depot type repair), On-Site Field Service, New Equipment Sales, and Mature Equipment Sales. Our focus is on Programmable Controllers (PLCs), Drives (VFDs), Control Screens (HMIs) and Peripheral Hardware Support (to include, Software & Firmware). With over 50 years of Repair and Support, we proudly offer our services.

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