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Veteran’s Day a time for honor

Armed services are part of Delta’s proud tradition We here at Delta Automation, Inc. would like to thank all Veterans, and especially our employees, both past and present, for their   service in the United States Armed Forces. We are proud to say that we have employed...

Water and VFDs don’t mix!

We recently fielded a request from a local manufacturing plant to investigate a failed variable frequency drive that controls a 100hp pump motor in a critical application. The mounting location for this drive was on the inside surface of an exterior wall inside an...

VFD Preventative Maintenance:

Huge value even in ideal conditions During a recent preventative maintenance visit to a pharmaceutical manufacturer, a few interesting facts were brought to light. First, some background on this facility. This facility being a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant has to...

Humidity: The hidden culprit

Delta Automation was performing what began as a routine startup for an OEM manufacturer for a newly installed cooling tower. Delta is an authorized warranty/service center for both the cooling tower manufacturer and the installed VFD manufacturer. This installation is...

Hydrogen Sulfide

It doesn’t just smell bad, it can pose corrosion risks to electronic control systems Hydrogen sulfide is a chemical compound with the formula name H2S. In simple chemistry terms it’s two atoms of hydrogen bonded with one atom of sulfur. Hydrogen sulfide gas is...

No extra charge for reptile extraction!

LIZARDS CHECK IN… A client in a tropical region recently sent us a piece of equipment for repair. Like a box of Cracker Jacks, inside, we found a little surprise. This poor lizard either got trapped there and starved and dehydrated or he possibly was electrocuted. But...

Are your motors singing an unpleasant tune?

If so, it’s affecting more than just your hearing On a recent service call to a downtown Richmond office building, a Delta Automation field service engineer began to investigate a complaint that one of the client’s HVAC motors had begun making a subtle, yet noticeable...

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Delta Automation - The Leader in VFDs, PLCs, and Motors & Controls 

Located in Richmond Virginia, Delta Automation is an Industry Leader in Industrial Electronics Remanufacturing (depot type repair), On-Site Field Service, New Equipment Sales, and Mature Equipment Sales. Our focus is on Programmable Controllers (PLCs), Drives (VFDs), Control Screens (HMIs) and Peripheral Hardware Support (to include, Software & Firmware). With over 50 years of Repair and Support, we proudly offer our services.

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