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Consequences of Duplicate Addresses on a ModBus Plus Network

As with any addressable network, having duplicate addresses is an issue. On Modbus Plus networks, one of three things can occur. Modicon technical support disagrees on this subject but in my 30+ years of working with these networks all over the world, I have proven...

Maintenance: Preventive vs. Corrective

You do the math—you make the call In the midst of one of the rainiest falls on record, a Delta field service engineering team was called in to a municipal waste water treatment pumping station to troubleshoot a 10+ year old 200HP sewage pump drive that was down. The...

Need it ASAP?

Delta specializes in just that Over the Labor Day holiday on Sunday, Bob and Margarete came by the office to use the quiet time to do some much-needed paperwork. However as they entered the offices, the phone was ringing. A large client in the Midwest was calling...

Going Green in the Controls World?

It may have unexpected, unintended, and dangerous consequences During the past several months, we at Delta have noticed a huge increase of tech support inquiries and field service calls regarding what would normally be simple discreet I/O problems. The issue has been...

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