Bandit Culley 2005-2020

It is with great sorrow and sadness that we announce the passing of our loving, long time faithful family member, friend and companion, Bandit Culley. Bandit was a full time employee here at Delta Automation. He fulfilled many roles over his career: Head of Security, Social Receptionist, and warehouse attendant.

Bandit enjoyed many activities. Among his favorites were: boating, kayaking, golf cart rides and lazy mornings having coffee in bed with Mom.

He is predeceased by his brother, Dallas Myers, and most recently his cousin Max Wieland.

He is survived by his adopted feline sister Frau Kutz Culley, nephew Cooper Culley, niece Minnie Culley of Tappahannock, nephew Jett Artabazon of Panama City and cousin Maddie Wieland of Fredericksburg.

He will be sorely missed by all who knew and loved him.

Friday Afternoon Emergency

Delta received a call mid-afternoon last Friday with an emergency need for six obsolete, Modicon B246 output modules. Our stock was checked and there were plenty of these units in stock. However, these units have a very high failure rate component in them, so each unit would need to be properly tested before we could ship them overnight to the client. The latest that we could have them ready to ship was 6:00. It was already 3:00. As luck would have every unit had at least one of these components bad. A quick triage was performed to determine which units could be repaired the quickest. We informed the client that all of these units needed repair. The client said that they could live with just 4 units overnight and the remaining two on Monday. Our repair technicians went to work. They repaired and tested four of the units. They were packed up and shipped in time. The client received the units early the next morning and they kept his equipment in production. This is the type of service that Deltas’ clients have come to depend upon when they need it most!


Modicon Network Certifications

From the day after Christmas on through fours days past the New Years holiday, two teams of Delta Engineers were busily working long 12+ hour days testing, repairing and certifying Modicon remote I/O and Modbus Plus networks during a plant holiday shutdown. This project included over a dozen production lines, each with both, remote I/O systems and ModBus Plus systems.  Almost all of the Modbus Plus systems had multiple (up to 4) segments. This made for a total of 59 separate and individual certifications performed.

All of these systems had been experiencing issues and required repair. Many previously unknown issues and problems were found and repaired.  Additionally, dozens of undocumented changes, modifications, replaced/updated equipment, spare connections and hidden splices were located, documented, and repaired where necessary.

Upon bringing the plants production lines back up, after being down for 10 days, all of the newly certified systems came up with no issues or errors.

Shown here is the collection of certification reports, one for each line and system, that were provided to the client. The documents show and detail the repairs, all of the test results and any recommendations for the network. These reports prove to be invaluable in times of additions, modifications or troubleshooting.Certification reports

Call or email Delta Automation for more information or a quote on certifying your networks!

Delta Salutes our Veterans

Delta Automation is Honoring, Supporting, Celebrating and Saluting our Veterans of all services by displaying green!      Thank you! From everyone in the Free World!


“All Gave Some……….Some Gave All!”

Delta Provides Supplies for Childrens’ Church “Drive in Theater” Movie Night

A local Church was sponsoring a movie night for the children’s program with the theme of “Drive In Theater Night”. The volunteers decided to build mock ups of cars to simulate the whole experience of a drive in theater. Delta was able to provide many large slightly used shipping boxes that the staff and the children were able to transform into “cars”. The cars were aligned in rows as was the fashion of the drive in theaters of old. The children enjoyed the program and were amazed that folks actually used to watch movies like this!drive-in boxes drive-in boxes1

Delta Automation Supports Our American Veterans

Joe @ McGuire's VA Gig (Medium)One of our employees, operations manager, Joe Sarver, put his alter-talent to good use as he lent a musical helping hand to entertain a room full of most appreciative men and women military veterans from all branches of the service including the US Coast Guard.

Joe performed a one hour, weekday afternoon Valentine’s benefit concert with the Tommy Witten Quartet at the Sitter-Barfoot Veterans Care Center of McGuire Veterans Medical Center located in Richmond, VA. Much to the delight of the vets, the band played requests and concluded the concert with a medley of theme songs for each branch of the service represented there. A fun time was had by the veterans, the medical staff, and the band!


Pictured above is Joe posing with his venerable 165 year old bass, below the Veterans facility.

McGuire's VA Hospital Center (Medium)