Delta’s online WEB Store is now up and in Service

Delta Automation’s online WEB store is in service. Customers may now order from a limited inventory of parts for Modicon Remote I/O and Modbus Plus networks. Additionally we have a few motors listed.

This is just the beginning inventory for this store. We will be continuing to add to the inventory available here.

Check it out here:

Bandit Culley 2005-2020

It is with great sorrow and sadness that we announce the passing of our loving, long time faithful family member, friend and companion, Bandit Culley. Bandit was a full time employee here at Delta Automation. He fulfilled many roles over his career: Head of Security, Social Receptionist, and warehouse attendant.

Bandit enjoyed many activities. Among his favorites were: boating, kayaking, golf cart rides and lazy mornings having coffee in bed with Mom.

He is predeceased by his brother, Dallas Myers, and most recently his cousin Max Wieland.

He is survived by his adopted feline sister Frau Kutz Culley, nephew Cooper Culley, niece Minnie Culley of Tappahannock, nephew Jett Artabazon of Panama City and cousin Maddie Wieland of Fredericksburg.

He will be sorely missed by all who knew and loved him.

Decorating with a World Map

We here at Delta have had a long, blank, dreary, hallway wall since we moved into this building some 6 years ago. Just last week, we added a huge (8.75 feet X 13 feet) world map to that wall. In addition to just being a visual attraction, it is also a dry erase board. We will be able to make notes, identify where we have clients and indicate where we have responded to service needs all over the globe. It has already become a focus and gathering point whenever a location is in question.

Hallway map
Hallway map1

Ancient HMI Repair

Last week a facility maintenance contractor contacted us about repairing a VERY old Johnson Controls HMI panel for a swimming pool at a local country club. This unit’s push buttons were only working intermittently. No replacements were available from the manufacturer or any of its’ distributors around the country. A used, untested, and no guaranteed unit was found on E-bay for $3000.00! The client certainly didn’t want to pay any where near that amount of money for this old of a unit. When asked if we could repair it…..We told the contractor that we would certainly “give it a try”!

Johnson Controls HMI

He brought the unit over. The case was cracked and broken into many pieces. Upon examination, all of the unit’s push buttons were just worn out and not working. We found that we had some very similar replacement push buttons in stock. Each buttons case took some grinding and filing with a Dremel tool to properly fit, but they worked! All of the units buttons were replaced and then some serious “body” work was required to be done on the exterior case of the unit. With some epoxy and a lot of technician patience, the unit came back together. Having no way to completely test the unit, we contacted the client and informed him about what we had done to his unit. He picked up the unit, reinstalled it and it worked perfectly! This repair was performed in less than one day, and WELL under the used unit cost.

Quantum Backplane Expander Installation Tip

The 140XBE10000 Back-plane expander and Cable allows you to add a second back-plane to a local or remote drop.  The cable (P/N 140XCA71703/6/9, depending on length) can be 1, 2, or 3 meters long respectively.  The back-plane expander modules are identical, with the module located in the rack containing the CPU or RIO adapter considered Primary.  The cable ends appear to be identical; however, the cable end with the label closest to it is considered the Primary end.  This end MUST be connected to the Primary XBE module, and will not work when reversed. There is no indication if the cable is installed incorrectly.  Also, the cable must be installed before applying power to the back-planes.  For further information, please refer to the Quantum Automation Series Hardware Reference Guide (840 USE 100 00).