Modicon, Gould, AEG, & Schneider Automation

Modicon, Gould, AEG, Square D, and, Schneider Automation are all names for the products which most people still refer to as Modicon. The first PLC invented and used was a Modicon 084. Bob Culley the president of Delta Automation, Inc. was employed for almost 20 years by Gould, AEG, and Square D as the company changed hands. This helps makes Delta Automation, Inc. the leader in Modicon service and repair knowledge. Delta has the most reliable, dependable and ready to ship Modicon pieces available anywhere. This coupled with our knowledege and willingness to assist with any issue that you or your clients may have, makes Delta Automation, Inc. the Modicon "go to people".

984 Momentum Networking HMI
P451 P453 184 384 484 584
800 io 884 200 io micro 84
984 compact programming terminals cables motor cables
0085 0185